Sunday, December 27, 2020


 Hogfish Maximus is presently securely moored at the dock in Fords cove on Hornby Island in BC.

Rachel and I have sold our Bahamas house this past year and have relocated to Hornby buying a small place there. Rachel has been working there during the summers for years.

We have come to the point in our sailing life that we just don’t need an ocean going home anymore.

Hogfish is ready to go again, anywhere.

I have made a very detailed list of her gear list and all that goes with her on my

It’s way easier to link you to this sight as it shows up better than here.

We are asking $38,000.00 US 

This low price reflects the knowledge of sales tax and other expenses that could incur and we hope that this price might find a buyer that will keep taking her places.  

Because of Covid and our island location we realize that Someone will have to be really interested to see her. Lots of info on this blog here though.

If there were to be any US parties that want to buy I can sail her to the Washington state side and help load her on a truck or just go over her with the buyers. I don’t think the Canadians are going to open the boarder to the US for quite awhile.

She has been a great home for us having never let us down in all our travels.

To ask me questions just email me

I can do a video walk through her if wanted.

You all take care, and when the Covid event has passed then look us up on Hornby island.

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