Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Whipray skiff, Hells Bay Boatworks story, the beginning.

This is to let all those that are interested in skiff history, the Whiprays origins and how Hal Chittum, I and Flip Pallot really came to be together in starting Hells Bay Boatworks.
I want you my readers to know and understand that this is my version of the tale of this skiff, and the company that was built on its success. I also want you to know that in my flats boat career that I have kept pretty good records of most all of the skiffs I have been involved with. During my time at HBBWs I kept all faxes, written letters and correspondence between the Chittums, Flip Pallot and myself. I have a very extensive paper trail, photos and the people that were around during this time to back this history. I do not talk flippantly with the details. It's my history too just as it is The Chittums, and Flip Pallots. I'am not in anyway trying to re write it like Chris Petterson , Flip Pallot and the crew at HBBWs are attempting to do.
I wrote my early flats boat history about five years ago and posted its rough draft on this blog in 
June 2014. It's way in the bottom. 
I added some pictures to this story to give everyone a time frame and an idea of what went on. 
I have added some new material along with my usual commentary, observations etc.

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to repost it here this month so if you are interested just go back to June 2014 where there are 3 posts. The Whipray stuff starts a ways down in St. Agustine.

Thanks to all of you that are reading my blog. I can see that there is a great intrest in the history and information about flats skiffs. I would never have thought this would be years ago or I would have kept better records. Almost half my readers are interested in the flats boat part of my life and the rest are reading about our sailboat and mucking about.

This winter I am planning on a better format to present more clarity to my drawings.

More posts coming soon;

My design and commentary for the cheapest flats boat ever that anyone can build in a week or so and how to use it. I'am reinventing the past here to try and get guys to build something and get out on the water. Then later they can build something more complicated.

Commentary and opinions as to why Chris Petterson, Flip Pallot and the advertising crew at HBBWs are trying to re write its history during the age of instant scrutiny. What? Why are they doing this.
 Why are they trying to write Hal Chittum out of the company ?

I will be publishing the lines of most all the skiffs I have drawn, but they will be redrawn to current thinking.

And my usual sailboat and cruising life stuff.


ratsix said...

Love the posts and respect the history - thanks for sharing

ratsix said...

Love the posts and sailboat and skiff design information + respect the skiff history!