Sunday, January 1, 2017


A short blog here about what's up with an old skiff design of mine the Spanish Wells Marina Skiff.
I have written about this boat here on my blog page so go find it to get a bit more of its past history.
Today this design is being built by 2 boat company's, 
The original molds I built have been acquired by Mark Castlow of Dragonfly Boatworks and will be added to his line of flats fishing skiffs along with his Paddle Board building shop.
Mark is an old friend from my days of taking our Hells Bay skiffs to his Shallow Water boat shows that he and his wife Mary used to put on.
The other builder is Stoner Boatworks that made a mold from an existing hull that was made from my original mold.
This will be fun for the consumer of this type of Classic bay and offshore skiff to have to choose from.

Here I am at the beginning in Spanish Wells.

Laying up hull number 1

In the new shop to start the first one. 160 skiffs were built here in SW.

 How some look today being used in the offshore lobster industry in Spanish Wells

A couple of nice grouper that I speared back in the day.

Mark Castlow of Dragonfly Boatworks with a slew of his paddle boards behind him.

Eric Brush in one of his Skiff builds from my old molds that he remastered. This is the molds that Dragonfly Boatworks will build from.

 Dragonfly Boatworks will be offering all kinds of custom detailing to go with their new builds of this skiff. Thanks for keeping a good skiff alive.

 Next up is the Stoner Boatworks version of this skiff. As stated before they made a mold off of an original skiff. What they did though was to cut off the lower end of the aft part of the keel and the vee in the hulls bottom creating a short long flat pad. This they say has improved the boat speed. They are happy with this improvement on this old hull design.

 You can see the stern lockers. Lots of different detailing here.

Here you can just see the new pad on the deep vee hull. The rest of the hull I believe is still the same as originally designed and built.

The Stoners have built a new hull liner and have added a nice big hatch into the foredeck making it into a huge locker space under.

 Here goes a Stoner built skiff with its engine on the stern. 

Both builders have talked to me asking what I would change or add. It's been lots of fun for me.
Look these 2 builders info up online. With modern building these will be lifetime skiffs.
Thanks guys, and good building to both your company's.


Gene said...

So the guys that started building them about 1-2 years ago in Florida are done? I think they built 4 and had added an extension for the engine?

Victor Acevedo said...

They sold the company, Spanish Wells Boatworks, to Dragonfly