Sunday, May 1, 2011

land locked

I have found the time to start posting on my blog. I will be writing about my boat designs, both power and sail, with all the background on each of them hopfully giving insight to the
process.My daughter lillian will be helping me with the photos as I don't have a clue yet as how it's done.Right now ,Rachel my wife, lillian and I are living in St.Augustine fla. renting a small house on Salt Run here with the Hogfish Maximus tied out front on a friends dock.Lillian has two more yeras of High school to go so we are trying to give her a somewhat normal life to get her started into the machine of North American life.She is in the AICE program here doing a fine job but would rather be sailing in the West Indies instead,But she has to begin being part of the system so she can figure it out on her own terms.I feel excited for her and also sad as it's a big complicated machine to find your way through and I am so glad that I have been fortunate enough to have made a life of being inside and out of the mainstream.It is always a shocker to come back to America with it's stores full of 20 types of the same thing,having to buy a car first thing so as to be able to just get around,first , last , rent, rules, signs ,real crime,the media everywhere,oh to be back on the sea with only the anchorage to think of ,where the next job will take us and who will we meet today.Sorry Lilly,but you will have to figure out your own escape plan. As I have to help feed the machine that is called day to day life here in the real world with all it's benefits ,rent, car insurance, gas,shop insurance,liability insurance for the shop rental owner,food costs more here because there is so much more to have , plus we have a huge fridge that seams to eat food , PHONES for each of us because we have to cordinate our busy lives now.we just can't say will meet you at the dihgny dock.And also we now each have our own computers because we each now have our own separate lives and time is such that we can't share.So I have taken on a boatbuilding job for a South African friend to finish building an Ian Farrier 32ax sailing trimaran in foam epoxy constuction.The boat was started by a gentelman by the name of Charley Brown in Washington state. He got as far as the bare hulls then had a heart attack and died.I am finishing the boat from there.Its a year long project and will be sailing this summer.We all all doing fine now and i will be trying to write something here as much as possible before I make my escape back to my real world.