Wednesday, September 10, 2014

15 minutes of fame

We were caretakers for Saddle Back Cay in the Exumas for three years 20 years ago. We lived on the Hogfish which dried out on this flat being on the bottom for all but an hour or so. This worked in the summer months with the prevailing trade winds. In the winter we moved a bit from side to side of this little Key.
Our girls were 5 and 1 at the time it being the most fun times I have ever had. Not many people around but just enough visitors. I did my art work in a tabby shed up on the hill. We collected our own rainwater  with Rachel doing the cloth diapers up the hill next to the cistern. We had food to last for a year so only needed the occasional beer now and then. The kids didn't know any better so we were all just having a great adventure.
The tide is high in this shot. We have no idea who took this picture and when he did . Skip Allen who owns Southern Boating was a collector of my art and a good friend. He kept his motor yacht POR at Highbourne Cay and would come down to see what the Morejohn's were up to when he was in "town".
I love the colors in this cover shot.

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