Monday, September 15, 2014

Scrapping , being cheap or Eco friendly

Building our place over here in the Bahamas can be very expensive if you cannot do all the work yourself. We have done 98% of the work here with only short term day help with a concrete pour or when plastering. The most fun thing for me is collecting drift wood from along the shore line as we go about exploring . This wood is all in pretty good shape. What we do is flip the board over to use it's old hidden side and give it a new life. The bonus is most boards come with their own nails !
All this costs us is some labor a little gas and some imagination to where it will all go.
A $30.00 new board or the same thing with a little history behind it for free? What would you do?

Our dinghy can hold up to 1,500 lbs easily. So it's just a matter of stacking and the sea state getting back home.

Ok ... Now we need some to go here and over there.

This walk way all  from the shore line.

We collected all the rocks to cover the outside of our house. The dark rocks are from the Azores to the Cape Verde islands from their beaches.
Remember ! All this wood was once floating in the ocean so you better have a strong boat.
Will be looking for you out there scrapping.

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