Friday, October 31, 2014

"Gillum Bore" a large Rainbow parrot fish

Here in the Bahamas we still have lots of fish about. There has been a steady decline in the amount of large breeding fish from the pressures of the local fishermen using hooka rigs to dive deep and be able to stay on the bottom for hours spearing these big unwary fish. This is totally ilegal over here but there is no enforcement so on it goes. At present there is also a huge wipeout of fish of all sizes by ilegal Dominican poachers in the southern Bahamas. The Goverment is in collusion with this fishery in payoffs and looking the other way. Americans are doing their part by coming over on their yachts and filling coolers up and going home. Such is life in that the worst thing happening in the environment is us.
Fortunately there are still a bunch of these big ole parrot fish around. In fact we have 4 living in the rip wrap sea wall in front of our place. We do not tell the locals about them because they would be gone  in an instant. When asked by the islanders here if I see any fish out front I always say there are none and never will be because I will spear them first. They understand this so have never checked out our private sanctuary out front. He ,he ,don't tell them.
The locals call these big parrot fish by the name of Gillum Bore. No one knows where this moniker came from. 

Finished carving ready for varnish

Starting life

A speared Gillum Bore . The locals like to make fish cakes from the meat which is very white. They get dark like this when they die.

The live ones out front our place look just like this.

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