Monday, August 10, 2015

Bahamian boats, I love them

Some sketches from the past from my love of the Bahamian sailboats.

 The big boats are really amazing in the outlandishly huge sail area they carry
They can have very curvaceous hulls  

Starting some design thoughts for a commission years ago.
Work boat lines. They no longer exist 
My vision for a modern day cruiser
Carved wooden sloops that I sell to get money to go cruising on.

The Abaco Rage at anchor in Hope Town Harbor. The hull is 29' long, the boom is 45' long and the mast is 69' tall.
No you go out on the boom and put the sail cover on ! 

Sailing with my Ex wife Lawnada I our 13' Bahama Catboat that I had built. We are setting out lobster habitats to get lobsters to supplement our food costs. We ate lots of Lobster when we lived in the Florida keys.  

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