Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Uploading a video is simple enough except when an error occurs without any explanation or offer to fix the problem. This is not the video of Hogfish m. I wanted to use. The video I tried to upload encountered an error and I had to dismiss it. Off you go! You were a brilliant example of how intelligent a design she is and how capable the captain is of getting her into tight places in shallow water and carry on. But for now all I could upload was this I shall call a tiny teaser.

The dates show how long it has been since any blogging has been done by Chris or myself. During that time frame the Blog world has expanded and blogspot is now an icon in the left hand right corner and I am trying to enamour myself to the process once again.

I try to keep up, I do, but technology is much faster and more complicated than either of us have ever wanted to be.

This is a test.

Video in, now for a picture of another project that we would both rather be working on than this blog.
OR maybe not. I forgot about Picassa Web Albums. I bet that has changed too.
Ah progress...

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