Sunday, June 1, 2014

Back to blogging

A lot has happened since I last wrote here. Time has flown by as I sit in our little house on Russell Island in the Bahamas with a good rain squall passing through to end the dry season and start the the season of lightening storms , heavy squalls, calming winds and hopefully another year without a major hurricane flowing over our place with the understanding ,that if you have not planned in advance of  what nature can bring ,then you will be part of what all blows away. 7 hurricanes so far over our place in the past few years gets you to feel for the trees and plant life as the only hurricane straps, ties that they have are the roots that they spread over a shallow dirt trying to cling to the small cracks and crevices in the solid limestone beneath.
 Today is a day that has sunshine with trade winds blowing from  the South East over the distant shore of North Eleuthera  that builds up with its heat big Simpson clouds carrying dirty bottoms full of rain and lots of wind. Simpson clouds look just like the open credits to their name sake  TV show. With our metal roof over head I can no longer hear the Blues music playing from our renters house next door. Sweet, the intermission is good to get away from all that down and out.
Our life ,Rachel's mine and the dog Bequia's  has changed a lot in the past few years. Our girls are off on their own with Kalessin  working in the mega yacht industry and traveling the world ,Lillian having finished her first year of collage at the University of Gainsville. We haved moved permanently to our small place here in the Bahamas and will be back to using this as our staging place for future sailing adventures and trips.
The past three years I have returned to my art full time with good results as I find myself continually behind on commissions and keeping the local gallery's stocked. Rachel and I have really been enjoying putting the finishing touches to our homes here. A rainy day finds me here wanting to share my thoughts . Talk soon, Chris

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