Monday, August 18, 2014

Reconecting with my past. Thanks !

One of the reasons I started to write my thoughts and life experiences down here is to share with my daughters and others what could be done in life with very humble beginnings, a bare bones education, some common sense and lots of work. I have been mostly self taught because I never really liked being in school and the time it took out of my day. I have always just wanted to study what interests me and pass up on the rest. This approach has worked out ok for me but I have explained many times to my daughters that it will not work for them as they are not like me. The world has changed in my short lifetime and is not as simple as it once was. Plus they are way smarter than I ever was so a good education will do them well in life. 

I have had more time lately as my kids are gone from home . My wife has a summer job up north , rain squalls interrupt my day for short periods so here I sit trying to exercise my mind while waiting for the rain to pass. Our place is small 12'x16' with 10' porch . I work outside so when it rains it's break time.

 Since posting my Flats boat building history I have received many nice emails and photos of past boats from old clients and new second owners. It's been very nice to reconnect and to meet the new owners. When I started this blog we were on the move all the time, internet was very slow in the places we were sailing. I did not have the time or inclination to sit and ponder. Today is another matter. Now I connect every where and with this new iPad contraption my daughters gave me for Christmas it's so fun and fast. Two weeks ago Lillian asks me if I know how to see who and how many people are reading my blog. What you can do this !!!? She shows me why and how it's done. Amazing . 23,000 views to date on this blog from all over the world. I had no idea. Now I understand why all those ads know what's on my mind. Kinda scary. 

A nice picture of a Whipray posted on the Tribenwaters sight telling me how much fun he has enjoyed  his skiff.

Latest email has this picture from an early client in HBBWs time when I actually was doing the glass work trying to train people. Back then I was still not comfortable backing up in my new F150 so on the delivery day sea trial I asked the owner to back her in for me. This is the first big engine we put on one of these skiffs . He says he just sold it to a good friend after 17 years of using it. 
Thanks for the memories

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