Sunday, May 31, 2015

Intresting sailboats, multihulls and skiffs in the Caribbean

So far we have logged 2,000 miles of sailing since leaving The Bahamas on this cruise. I love all types of boats so the islands down here provide me with a kaleidoscope of vessels to see. Each island nation has a different type of local fishing skiff. The French islands are the places to find cool trimarans from days gone by. Antigua in season has the best mega yachts and big sailing vessels.
Here's a bunch that caught my eye.
Latest gun boat foiler
Well, she's attached to a boat!
Aluminum bilge keeler from Germany
Complicated rudder on an Ovini sloop. I don't care for this as it uses a hydraulic ram to move the rudder blade.
Another bilge keeler. To much draft but it needs no cradle!
Nice looking french centerboarder. But with a very small rudder. It's for sale for $70,000.00 euros.
See, the rudder is way too small.
French racing sloop
New and very nice plywood skiff built in Carriacou
Carriacou two bow racing dinghy
Boat building in Windward, Carriacou
Alwin Eno the builder
Supposed to be done by August
Nice fixer upper, kinda like a Jay Benford in the making
Beautiful Paul Johnson ketch built in steel from Ireland
Trimaran in Martinique that's using Val floats
Another Dick Newick tri just yards away. Lovely
French racing day boat
These boats are sailed with large sprit sails and all crew use trapezes
Another French center boarder
Interesting sloop with twin dagger boards at the sheer and twin rudders
20' long but it has it all on board
All aluminum Piver like tri
Tiny Newick tri in wood
Couple of rotting Pogos in the bushes. They are for sale.
Huge French going to rot in the same bay, so sad
Fast racing sloop collecting mold
Interesting aluminum tri
And last a chopped off Lazer bow being used as the shortest dinghy seen on this cruise

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