Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hogfish life, a look back

Today finds Rachel going through old photos in our attempt to consolidate our stuff for our upcoming Pacfic cruise. We need to simplify our life. She came across these pictures.

Rachel and I on our first cruise together. We are in George Town In the Exumas for the Out Island Regatta. Back then we had no kids so no lifelines. 

I added the bowsprit a year after launching to get more sail area. We were a couple then, but when you find a girl that wants to travel the world and does not need or want what society is selling then well you hang on to her. So far so good at 27 years plus on of upping anchors and sailing on.

Our daughter Kalessin at 3 years old. Notice the lifelines now.

Kalessin getting her bottom redone while at anchor

The Hogfish getting hers redone in Caneel Bay boatyard USVI. I got a job there running the fiberglass and wood shop. Part of the perks were you could get your boat hauled for free.

Rachel, Kalessin and I onboard a fellow cruisers sailboat having a glass of wine in the Exumas. We had just sailed up from the Leeward Islands with Kalessin being 2-1/2 years old here. The Hogfish is at anchor behind with her mizzen up. Kalessins hair is naturally black now and she's in France working on a 94 meter mega yacht today.

Now we have Lillian Exuma with us. Or as I call her #2. We are off sailing south with some friends in a powerboat chasing us for pictures. Lillian at this age could kind of float but would soon be swimming like a fish. She's 6 months old here looking grumpy because she wants to throw something overboard.

Getting the whisker pole out. Look at that Hasler wind vane. I bought it for $150.00 and traded it for the new Mast on HFM when we built her. It steered flawlessly but was a big awkward contraption on the stern.

Now we'er moving along.

Saying see you later is a part of our lifestyle. I never say goodby.

Three days later another anchorage with lunch speared and #2 ready for her nap. That's Otis our Skipperkee. He was the best dog ever.

Sailing off of Puerto Rico on a nonstop 5 day passage to Great Inagua in the Bahamas.

Hogfish could sail like this for quite awhile.

Putting some supplies aboard in Florida before we sail the 400 miles back to our home base in Spanish Wells Bahamas. All that stuff is going in the Starboard cockpit locker. Our daughter Kalessin was just 4 weeks old when we took off on this passage.

Making some half models at anchor for extra cash.

On the beach waiting for the tide to rise so we can sail off to our next adventure.

With such a family why would you want to ever live a normal life? We never have and have enjoyed raising our daughters in this vagabond lifestyle.

Lillian is on her last year of collage in UF Florida and Kalessin is getting married in March.

The best part is we are still their best friends.

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Alan Jones said...

Well, I've had a pretty good life too thinking back on it it. But damn, I'm envious!