Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hogfish maximus


gravitas said...

awesome boat! nice website too...

I love your boat designs Chris!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris and family,
Love your boat and art!
We have a much modified and loved 'spray' knock off. I am a silver smith & hope soon to exchange the beautiful but cold and damp pacific north west for more tropical climes.
Best wishes,
john and Jan

Jan Burns said...

Mr. Chris Morejohn, I was just relocating one of our favorite pieces of art here in our home in Houston Texas. Thought of the creator of this lovely piece and decided to print out some info on you and place into an envelope onto the back of the piece for keeps. My husband and I were lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks on Harbour Island in late Nov 2008 and attended an opening at Princess Street. We came home with one of your ownn 1/2 hull model w/sail called Tarpum Bay Jib and it has lived in our house always in a special spot ever since. Just wanted to say thanks and it is good to see you are sailing and still creating! Just had to drop a line and say hello from a happy patron. Bart & Jan Burns 5830 Kuldell, Houston, Texas 77074