Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Setting up a website..again

Like Hogfish maximus in this photo taken by Chris after he put our boat on the beach at Manjack Cay, Abaco to work on her, I am still not off the ground and into smooth sailing. But for me there is no beach, instead an old laptop. The ocean water Hogfish is waiting for consists of internet Blogs and Websites for me.

I am Chris' wife Rachel, let me explain.
Both Chris and I are from another era of exploration. Surfing the web is less exciting than surfing a wave and navigating the web is definately not either of our expertise. But we do get out from time to time on the electronic ocean and enjoy reading other people's blogs and seeing photos on websites from all over the world. We are information junkies and the internet is a huge fix! And so, we too would like to enter into the current trend (yes I did type that and will carry on, pun intended) Oceans and seas, oh my.

BUT, as I typed at the start, In the beginning there is a lot to learn... And time to spend... and a perfectly good ocean to swim in just next to me. And children to keep track of, yes Kalessin you are still me child; THAT will never change, and Lilly, you are just behind me, looking over my shoulder but I still need to nudge you on to another activity other than bugging your Mom when she is trying to type (is the computer keyboard the new telephone?)

All this and technology that has a language that consists totally of non words like HTMLs and SSPs and WTFs?

What I have learned so far is that most of my photos appear to be of things of a size that I never in my life as an adult have observed, there is a delete button that means it, my computer is outdated and everyone except me thinks I should use it as a dinghy anchor, and I am an optimist because I think there is a high tide for me here on the Web (to float in and even swim strong keyboard strokes) and therefore soon there will be a Blog worth reading about Chris' art, Chris' boat plans, and of our sailboat Hogfish maximus and our adventures aboard her. We also want to show you our slice of Bahamian shoreside, and invite you to enjoy it as we do love it. As always we have plans A through Epsilon and want to create an interest through the internet.

Be prepared for biased opinions, very strong opinions and even grander provocations. This is going to be another Shallow Minded adventure but this time into the Deep Sea of the internet.

Thank you for your patience. especially you Cristobal.

Dive, dive, dive!!!!

Hogfish maximus during The 'Round Island Race in Bequia Easter Regatta.

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Cindy said...

I am so excited that you have started a blog. I really enjoy reading Bill and Lisa's blog and now I get to read yours. Yeah

Love you all and miss you dearly. Muah