Friday, June 5, 2009

Starting up

In the beginning there is a lot to learn...

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Chris said...

Hello Rachel. My name is Chris Curtis. We have actually "talked" before via Email. I had contacted you years ago about Chris's design(s) due to my interest in large sharpies. I never did hear from Chris but I do respect his right to be left to himself. His/your boat is beautiful. I would have bought/built one like it when I was in the market for a boat. I was recently having a discussion with some persons about sharpies, and Chris's name came up. For grins, I googled his name, and your blog was the first hit. I'm so glad you have taken the time to post your pictures and thoughts. Also, I had somehow known you were an artist, but I was unaware as to how accomplished you are. Your stuff is beautiful. I hope you feel prod of what you do, because you sure have a talent, that cannot be denied!

Anyway, we (wife, and two kids) had to buy a boat to go cruising, and in the absence of finding a shoal draft sharpie like Chris's or an AS39, we bought a cat. We have never been "cruising" but were heading off for a year or so. Actually we leave North Idaho in the next two weeks to head down to Titusville FL, We'll get to know ""Romany" better there, and head to the Bahamas for Christmas. If all goes well, we'll head south after that.

Thanks again for your blog efforts!

Chris Curtis, s/v Romany