Saturday, December 6, 2014

One of the creatures that share our place with us.

When we bought our land here on Russell Island in North Eluethera it was all bush,fruit and natural trees. The only way to get to our place was by water and a trail. We had lots of snakes, frogs, spiders, turtles, centipedes , bat months,birds ,hermit and land crabs but no humans. It was wonderful. 
Progress has changed all that but we still have most all of these creatures clinging to our small oasis of land as we have gone to great lengths to keep our place natural and alive.
All of our neighbors hate trees and are afraid of the natural world around them so have built houses that can only be livable by using air conditioning. I call them " Aircondistionists". 
They only use their homes for about 4 -6 weeks out of the year but keep their lawns well maintained. 
I have held 3 tenets in my life . 1 - never go to Disneyland.  2- never wear a tie and 3- to never mow a lawn. I hate the idea of lawns. 
We were the first to start reclaiming this land so are part of the reality of what is now .
Look at the photos and see what is called civilization.

Our place when we started. That is a natural fresh water pond behind us with mosquito fish in it.
Starting to clear the brush out . 

Our first house going up. It's 16' x 21' 
The pond and hill side after hurricanes Gene and Frances blew over at 130 mph. This picture was taken two years after they passed over. Our little house did fine ,but not our trees.

After we built our place the locals decided to make the pond into canal lots. Took them 8 years to do this as they were not in a great rush. They cut the canal edge 18" from our property line. I like water as a neighbor.
Houses going up and still digging out the pond. The Hogfish Maximus has just arrived from the Carribean and is using our neighbors new dock to unload all our Purple Heart flooring for the house that we bought in Grenada.
Our place is the sliver of land on the canal. We call it " Tight Spot " as we have water on three sides.

Our place today.
One of the many frogs that still hang out at our place. We love them even though they poop all over our window sills at night.


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