Friday, December 12, 2014

Going sailing tomorrow

The last few months have been very hectic here getting ready to sail south for the winter.
The Hogfish Maximus has been gone over from stem to stern. All looks well. I will be leaving in the morning sailing single handed out Ridley Head Channel heading east sailing with a forcast of NNE winds from12-23 knts . This is forcast to last for 4 days and will then start veering down to ENE for hopefully the rest of the trip south. HFM does well when hard on the wind as does my wind vane "Sinclair." Should be a one tack cruise. We'll see. I will be shooting to make landfall in Antigua with the goal of making it in time for Christmas. I'am not a fan of the western worlds idea of capitalist Christmas 
but I have lots of friends there so should be a good feed if the wind gods treat me well.
Rachel and our dog Bequia will fly down and meet me after the new year. Bequia is 11 years old and does well in day sails but 10-12 days at sea would not be fair to her.
I want to thank every one that has commented on my posts and to all the readers through out the world that seems to be reading my posts. I can see by my traffic that people from all over are reading what I have to say. Well thanks for taking the time.
It is very easy for me to answer emails so email me at ...
This is a good way to talk.
I will try and get some good photos of HFM sailing along on this trip for all the flat bottom boat followers. This IPad contraption is quite remarkable . I have not figured out yet how to get videos to play on this blog but will take a bunch and post on my facebook page when I get near the WYFY matrix again.
 So to everyone out there please enjoy your customs, beliefs, and family as the year ends.
Talk soon... See you down island

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