Thursday, January 15, 2015


These Mega yacht owners have a real sense of humor when naming their yachts.
Here's a few I think I saw,

- American Bailout $
-Wall Street Goodbyes
- Born Right
-Severance Package
-Did Well
- Hali Brr Ton
- Entitellment Queen
- They'ell Nev Er No
- Exon Advantage
- Oliarks Pleasure
- FU Maximus  
- 1% Ter
-Hogfish Maximus

Kidding aside, what gives me great pleasure in seeing these incredible expressions of talented skilled designers and craftsmen is knowing that through great weath and success in how ever it was achieved  
 it takes everyday people to make these creations come to life. Having a floating testimony to your ability to make it happen weather you have paid the bills, designed the boat, or have the skills to get it built is what makes these Yachts so magnificent .
I still think the coolest thing to have is your own designed and built floating flying carpet.

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