Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hogfish Maximus sailing videos on You Tube

Tim Evans, our friend off of the sailboat Wild Bird, has posted for us lots of videos he and Gayle Evans have taken of the HFM while we sail in company throughout the Caribbean.
You will hear their Patterdale terriers yapping away not at us but at the waves as they pass us.
Yes their Trintellla 44' ketch is very fast so we up anchor before them and they always pass us at the midway Mark or earlier. Of course they are 6' longer and have twice the sail area as us and I could go on with my list of excuses but on this Van De Stat design and with their very competitive and competent sailing we are always last. 
But we do pass other boats so are not always last.
Just go to You Tube and look up ; Chris Morejohn sailing Hogfish Maximus

Wild Bird passing us on our way to Nevis. 
You can just see Wild Bird catching up to us by my elbow. Sheesh they give us no slack.
Ah! Here we are passing an Amel 47' Ocean Hobo ketch on the east side of Martinique. Hogfish is not always last.
Another victim of HFM, the 47' cutter Carpe Diem sailing in company with us and the others. Wild Bird of course trounced all of us.

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