Friday, September 23, 2016

Interesting boats of all types.

 I have been collecting images of boats from other people's sites and pages that intrest me.
Here I will share some that you might not have come across in your web travels.
Some have been sent to me in emails but most others I have borrowed here. I will give credit to them as best I can. 
Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

I'll start off here with a bunch I got from the artist, First peoples advocates and world traveler Godfrey Stephens facebook page. Some are of his boats he has built and others are from past images of the Chinese junk Amoy.
Looks like a junk rigged San Fransico Bay Pelican.

 Looks like fun to me.

All from Godfeys life.

This looks like the Chinese junk Amoy.

What a vessel she was. Pictures from Godfreys collection.

 All the above  from Godfrey.

Now here's Ruels version of a Halibut Schooner. I don't understand the reason to build something like this today and put such a cabin on that hull.

The above are small plywood boats built by Yann Ouenet from France. Nice small simple designs.

My good friend Glenn Maxwells Paradox "Zoey "

A Matt Layden design going by. I will be posting some more pictures of my time with Matt in the Exumas years ago soon.

The above two are from a client from France that I am designing a 32' shoal ketch for. His Bolger boat in Africa and his kids rendering of one of my designs.

I guess you could go smaller?

Would love to know the story behind this vessel.

The late Phillip Waylens yawl sailing by.

A Carriacou sloop under full sail way up in Long Island Sound. She stayed in our slip a year ago for three months.

A dinghy my late father designed and built for his 27' sloop. It folds so it stores just about anywhere.
The present owner just sent me this picture to show he's taking care of "Ola" very well.

Full and by.

The late Jim Melchors last rig on Alert. Jim sailed back across the Atlantic with this rig. He also circumnavigated Cuba too with that rig.

Above a couple of random boats.

A follower on this blog sent me this picture of his personal junk re- rerigged plastic boat that sails out in BC.

Hard to beat Bolgers simplicity. 

Nice little Egreat sailing along. Needs someone to show them how to set their sails though.

Some dinghy boats from way back on the beach on the island that I live on.

My own dinghy design and build going along.

I just love this little Paul Gartside design. Fantasy boat for me.

In 2017 I will be off sailing to the Pacfic Northwest to look these last two boats up and the people that built them. I hope to be anchoring up or drying out for a visit soon.

We are coming Dave and Anke Zeiger, Dan Pratt, Godfrey Stephens, Alan Jones.


Dennis D said...

The boat in the section labelled "some random boats" is an Arne Kverneland, probably Johanna

Dave Z said...


We would LOVE to see you guys up here! Plenty of shoal hide-aways await you!

Just to add one name: the Bolger ex-MARTHA JANE, SELKIE you show was built by my brother, Mark.

As an aside, we first ran across you and HOGFISH off a beach with a couple of Matt Layden's cruisers in the foreground ( Been a fan ever since.

Dave Z

bro dunn said...

Loved all the cool pictures. Great to see alternative rigs anytime.

bro dunn said...

Chris, I have a presto boat called a Sandpiper 32 by Walt Scott. She originally had free standing masts with wishbone booms. The previous owner switched to two Soling mains in tabernacles. I bought a couple of free standing carbon and glass sticks from Outward Bound up in maine that were in some boats designed by Rodger Martin. I want simplicity, easily reefed and good windward performance. What would you reconmend for a rig? Love the junk rig but it seems fussy? Although I watched a boat called Terrapin sail into Vineyard Haven lowering and furling with out rounding up, neat trick. Thanks, Bro

Roberto said...

Fun time visual ride down alternate boatlandia lines. Thanks, Chris. You'll have a nice time visiting with Dave and Anke. Great folks, talented sailors, and with salt water in their veins.

Unknown said...

Chris...could that Waylens Ketch possibly be a yawl actually...? Wondering because of the relatively short mizzen height and the proximity to the stern. I love your is very inspiring...Morgan

Unknown said...

Great blog Chris ! Thank you for all your efforts. My homemade 32 foot boat is moored North End Camano Island Washington. Free year-round moorage here. Look me up when you're in our area next summer. I have admired your boat for years. Mark