Friday, July 11, 2014

Beach coaming on Hogfish Maximus

In the islands and beaches of the world are all the cast offs and discards of what most men do not want or need. I on the other hand see this as free treasure and loot to be gotten with a little bit of effort. It does help that I have a willing partner in Rachel and the good dog Bequia to keep the crabs at bay. Of course having the Hogfish Maximus is the best boat because we can with her 27 inch draft go where nobody else dare go and can carry the load with ease as she is a working craft and does not have to worry about yachty things like a few scratches and stains that can be delt with later.

This shot is taken from our upstairs porch of Rachel and I offloading our findings from a recent trip in the Abacos. The Hogfish is temporarily tied up alongside in the entrance canal. Our latest project boat is in the slip out front. It's a 39 year old Irwin sloop that will be our future Bahama boat.The Telephone pole has a boom rig for it but the halyard on Hogfish is rated for 4 tons so no problem here. All the decking, pilings ,and wood you see in this shot has been salvaged from the shore. After hurricane Sandy I went to Harbor Island to look for wood .The entire shore line was scattered with the broken dock wood from the Marinas there. I asked the owners of the shore side houses if I could takes some of the wood. They all said you can have it all as the Marinas have insurance so will be buying new wood and will leave this mess here for us to clean up. Well Rachel and I did a good job of cleaning up their shoreline. Now that mess is what you see in this Photo.

Tied alongside a friends dock in Green Turtle Cay getting our findings sorted out. The mast is from a wreck off the Hog Cays, no relation to Hogfish, that went up in Hurricane Sandy. I will cut the mast up to make collums for our porches at our place. It's 53 ft long and was made in England of aluminum by Proctor masts about 43 years ago.

Mast sections cut with a saws all while hanging alongside. The wood is from a 40 ft. Log that was on Powell Cay that I helped friends cut up with a chainsaw mill. This is some of my share of the find. Will be making a new kitchen table, a 10 ftx 38 inch long desk, a life size Mermaid for over the back door of the house,lots of fish and other sea life.
You can just see behind our friend Dr. John Rohde a 31 ft. Trimaran that we salvaged from a remote island in the Bahamas. We are towing it without effort behind the Hogfish under sail. Project # 385!!
A raw grouper waiting to come out . All you have to do is remove what's not needed.

All the wood decking and rocks you see in these photos were found by us and carried to our place by boat and hand. Will be looking for you on the shore line some where.

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