Friday, July 11, 2014

Current art work done this year.

I have had a lot of fun with my art these past 3 years. Being at our home base here on Russell Island with the water but a few feet away, the wind an ever present gift for cooling us off and blowing my carving dust away! We have been very lucky in our beach coaming expeditions for finding wood , shells and all kinds of treasures that only mean something to us. When I say we I mean myself, Rachel my wife and our side kick Bequia the island self tacking dog. All my cavings are from found wood. I use stains, acrylics, stainless steel wire, glass, wood glues, a little epoxy, and exterior varnish in my pieces, with the wood grain the dominating factor . Most all the fish are drawn from real fish that I have caught or fancy. 
My art can be found for sale in the Abacos at, Java Cafe - Marsh Harbor, Ebb Tide Gift Shop - Hope Town, Plymouth Rock Cafe- Green Turtle Cay. Also at Princess Street Gallery - Harbor Island Eleuthera,
Highbourne Cay Resort - Exumas and you can Enquire of what's up through me via my email at ..

This is a Coelacanth carving in Western Red cedar 42 inches long. One of my favorite fish.
The top fish Is a Black Grouper made from an old Mahogany plank that had to of been at sea for awhile because of the Teredo holes in it. The Rainbow Parrot fish was made from the same plank .
The cracks are from a bit of rot around the iron spikes that were in it. Both fish 39 inches long.
Another Black Grouper from the same planks of which I found 4 that were12 ft. Long about 40 ft. Above the high tide mark in the bushes. A hurricane pushed them up that far. That other fish are a small Lane Snapper then a Nassau Grouper and a Green turtle made from a Western red cedar house beam.
A collection of fish from Cedar scraps. Barracuda, Coney, Yellow fin Groupers in their two color phases 
And a small Black Grouper.
A large 39 inch Yellow fin Grouper in one of its many color phases that they can do in an instant.
Midnight Parrot fish in cedar with acrylics.
The red Grouper is a Saddle Grouper from the Indian Ocean. It really is that red!
All eels are made from 4x4 drift wood ship staging cargo wood found on the beaches here. Many have worm holes, beetle damage ,splits and nail holes in them but when done they look like this.
 Kinda recycling the junk on the beach.
There are several hundred types of Moray eels in the world so lots of fun real colorings there.
This is my stuff in Princess Street Gallery Harbor  Island Bahamas. The long green fish at the top is a Hound Fish which is a grown up Needle Fish. Rachel found the skull on the beach so I just drew it out using it for scale. It's 4 ft. Long 

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