Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hells Bay Boatworks advertisement 10/3/97

What ! It's only been 17 years and look at where our dollar has gone. These are the prices we started out with. In today's market I would be looking for a used skiff as the best bang for the buck. As you see Hal Chittum knew what he wanted to start saying about this upstart skiff.
This is the first time the Whipray logo was shown and how we would start advertising with these simple newsletters that we put out regularly. It was a lot of fun down the road cutting and pasting these together with Robin Redwine doing all the computer work.
Chris Peterson reintroduced the Whipray as a "Classic" skiff a while back. Does that make Hal, Flip and me the "Ancients" ?  

A sketch my dad did that inspired me to incorporate the string Ray into the skiff name.

I hope these come out clear enough to read when I post this..... Let's see

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AK said...

Wish I could find my old papers like that.