Friday, January 8, 2016

New blog....

With my daughter Lilian's help I now have a blog site at Wordpress that will show all my designs and sketches very clearly. Everything I post on there is free for all to use for building your our own boat.
Please remember this. I am a lifes experiences and self taught idea man that is sharing what I feel would work for me and possibly others. I am not in the plans selling bussiness. I am sharing my ideas in order to hopefully help others get motivated to design and build their own boat. 
This new blog will only have my sketches and designs in it. Please bear with me as I learn the working of this new site. I will over the next few weeks upload all my drawings and designs that I have with me currently on my sailboat the Hogfish Maximus. It will be very random jumping from powerboats to sailboats. 
The best way to ask me questions is via email
I will continue to be posting on Chris Morejohn. Blogspot as usual.

Today finds us hauled out with us in Jolly Harbor painting the HFMs bottom for the coming sailing season. We launch on Monday and will be off sailing south for Martinique on Tuesday.

Lots to say in this new year. Wishing you all a great year ahead.

This morning. One more coat to go. I like to paint alternate colors so I can see how it's wearing off.

Christmas Day with our daughter Lillian and Rachel on the HFM

Party hats later in the day with Rachel and Gayle on Wild Bird.

Talk soon....


Roberto said...

What a beneficial marine reference site, Chris. You never know if you will radically change some kids like for the better who you never realize you profoundly helped or inspired. Or some old guy or gal. Thanks for the effort.

Unknown said...

buen viaje chris. wishing you and your family have a safe sailing voyage wherever you are headed.