Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rachel Platt - Morejohn my other half

I have been around for awhile. I talk a lot here on this blog about what I have been up to in designs, boat work and our sailing life. I want to share some pictures of my wife Rachel from this past year of adventuring. I would never have accomplished what I have to date if not for her being by my side literally or backing me up back home when I'am off single handing. We have been together for over 26 years now. I wake up every day looking forward to what she has to say. 

Rachel trying the paddle board out in front of our place in the Bahamas

Rachel posing in front of our yacht in Antigua. The Hogfish is anchored behind all these other yachts.

Rachel with her first cup of tea in the morning

Now I'am ready to hear about what she dreamed about last night or what's on her mind. It's breakfast time on Hogfish.

The two of us after running a 5 mile Hash in Antigua.

Me stalking Rachel in Martinique 

Having lunch in Tyrell bay in Carriacou 

St. Bart's 

Looking for beach treasures a few days ago

Racing Wild Bird off of Nevis

Passing by a Smurff boat in Grenada yesterday.

Trying on a huge piece of sea glass a few days ago.

The two of us on Hogfish celebrating Rachel's 50 again birthday back in March.

The truth is I don't know what I would do without her. 


Alan Jones said...

That was such a nice post to make. A 'keeper' for sure!

Avelinda said...

Great tribute to a great mate!

Dave Z said...

How nice to meet you, Rachel! Great to see you two lovin' and livin' large!!

Dave and Anke

Dave Z said...

So nice to meet you, Rachel!

And so nice to see the two of you lovin' and livin' large!!

Dave and Anke