Tuesday, February 24, 2015

BOW SPRITS and Yachting PENIS envy.

 Anchored in Antigua this past week has been great to see all the new Yachts and old favorites.
Going to shore in the dinghy I spotted a great big huge blue masking taped penis on the stern of the motor yacht " NERO". Never got the story behind this as yet but I wanted to share it with you all plus some other favorites.
I hope you can see it . It's just under the sheer cove stripe.
A nice phallus sprit 
A new schooner with a modern one
Your basic one
Oh... It's So big.
Modern one
Here's one coming out of the deck.

I'd show you a picture of Hogfish Maximus's bow sprit but it's so small compared to these I will refrain for now. Too embarrassing.

 Oh  , Ok...here it is. Don't laugh !

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