Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hogfish Maximus and other boats


HFMs beating to weather with St.Martin to leeward. Wind 18-23 knots.

Wild Bird reaching along all full and bye.

An unusual motor yacht.

23 years ago I worked for Gold Coast Yachts building their day sailing catamrans. I also did their conceptual design drawings for this power cat and others.

These catamrans are used as passenger ferries between the islands.

Rachel and Bequia

Day charter catamaran off " Shitten Bay" St. Kitts. I would like to know what happened to get that name.

Sailing over to Nevis. Tomorrow we will be climbing tat mountain. Bequia has that look of long is 
this gonna take.

Wild Bird catching us.

Trying to stay ahead. Wild Bird and Hogfish Maximus weigh the same . We have only been racing to weather so far so looking forward to when we get to Antigua as the rest of the islands will be close hauled sailing and reaching with a short beat into to anchorages.

Moving along about a half knot faster. They have a folding prop but ours is a big ole three blade fixed prop. That's all the excuses I have left. No wait ! We'er towing a 12' dinghy too ! 


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