Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Chine ideas, round stern details,

Here's some sketches of my current thinking on my lower lifting Chines, spray strakes, and a round transom.

This is how I see certain Chines working. When running your skiff and others look at how the water flows out from under the skiff when at all angles of trim. Do this in flat water to get a good view and then in rough water to see what really happens. All small skiffs suffer from the fact that they cannot travel fast enough to get away from beam sea spray blow back. To help in this I feel you need to help direct the spray away from the hull in a downward and hopefully aft direction.

I use this reverse spray strake to direct the spray down. Small light skiffs do not need any lift from the middle of the skiff forward. You will have to use trim tabs to get the bow down so why have these lifting  strakes there? In a solid glass bottom they do add some strength but at the cost of being wet.

  Station # 1
Starting at the stern going forward my latest ideas on my bottom lifting - keel strake .
The added keel drawn could be added to the HBBWs Guide and 17.8 and others as they have enough vee to the bottom that will allow these mini keels to not drag.

Station # 2 

Station # 3 
I feel by softening the inner chine it will keep the water flowing closer to the hull and that will  
Get it to be directed downward and lower. Do this starting at the helmsman seat. Aft you need sharp edges to get speed and planning ability. All the spray there is going away from you. 

Station # 4 

A free hand sketch of how this really round transom will work. The bottom stern edge is straight but all above is really very round and soft. I do not like trim tab pockets as too much work . These reverse outty Pockets will be easy for installation as they can fit all kinds of trim tabs and sizes. 

Lots of lines , and angles here. Hope you can see what's happening here.

In reality it's all very simple but on paper its a lot of lines. To remove the boat hull from the mold you will pull the hull out like taking off a shoe. The only thing is the stern sheer flange downturn will not be there to stop the hull. This is no big deal as it will be under the deck flange.

Hope this helps in thinking of different ways of getting rid that damn spray and making for a quiet stern for the purists out there.

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Very excited to see the outcome of what seems a very cool idea. Hope to see some in Texas skinny! And of course I want one Captain. e in Tejas